At Glenn Machine, one of our specialties is precision CNC Mill-Turning, manufacturing top-quality products for the most demanding industries. We maintain a staff of some of the most qualified machinists in the industry, along with a full complement of state-of-the-art metalworking equipment. With our experienced staff and advanced machinery, we excel in projects ranging from prototypes to medium size batch runs to higher volume production runs. We consistently work to close tolerances and focus on meeting our customers’ exact specifications.

Our Mill/Turn equipment is highly efficient and includes a Mazak Quick Turn 350M and a Mazak CT4500M. Using these machines, we provide a complete array of CNC mill-turn parts. The CT4500M is ideal for your larger parts, where we can turn an array of bearing fits, tapers, radius blends, threading and grooving on parts up to 120″ long and 15″ in diameter. Once the lathe work is done, our live tooling can then finish the part complete including keyways, drilled and tapped holes on either the ends or the body in a “once and done” environment. Chucking work up to 33″ in diameter? No problem on our CT4500M.

Smaller shafts and mill/turn parts can find the same benefits when machined on our QT350M which has the same capabilities in a smaller package. In order to provide one-stop service for our clients, we provide a diverse variety of supporting services. We compliment our CNC machining with manual turning and milling when needed. Other additional services include welding, deep hole drilling, and painting.